Facebook: The Missing Manual – Your map to the facebook universe

הצטרפתי לתוכנית הבלוגרים של O'reilly. זה אומר שאני מקבל תכני וידאו וספרים (פורמט דיגיטלי) וסוקר אותם בזמני החופשי. אין בזה רווח כספי, הכותר נשאר אצלי (או אצל כל מי שעובד איתם). אין התחייבות לכתוב ביקורות טובות, הם בעיקר רוצים שיכתבו על הכותרים שלהם.
הסקירה באנגלית, אבל מאוחר יותר היום אני אעלה וידאו שיכלול סקירה גם בעברית.

Facebook: The Missing Manual

There is no doubt that for many, the Internet is Facebook. it is here where we talk to friends, post images and videos, share our feelings, invite others to events, try to advance our causes and, if there isn't anything better to do, poke each other. there are games, applications that can tell us what the next best book we should buy and ways to find our next date. the ecosystem is almost complete, and in such a vast place it is not always clear how things work.

The third edition of the book brings a vast amount of information. as someone who lives within the Facebook ecosystem I found a few things I never did bother to learn myself – like how to set people as family members. there are tons of tips and tricks and tons of information in regard to the ever changing security settings Facebook give the users.

The book is well written, but it is clear that the aim here is to help those who don't understand the power that Facebook can give them. you will find there information that will help you decide if you need to open a profile or a page and how to go about and really enjoy everything Facebook offers to each type of account. the order of the information make sense and when I came to a section I didn't care for, it was easy enough to move forward and find the next interesting bit.

There should be no doubt – if you are a poweruser this book has nothing to offer you. if you are new to Facebook this book will help you a lot.


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