Gamification Master Class with Gabe Zichermann

הצטרפתי לתוכנית הבלוגרים של O'reilly. זה אומר שאני מקבל תכני וידאו וספרים (פורמט דיגיטלי) וסוקר אותם בזמני החופשי. אין בזה רווח כספי, הכותר נשאר אצלי (או אצל כל מי שעובד איתם). אין התחייבות לכתוב ביקורות טובות, הם בעיקר רוצים שיכתבו על הכותרים שלהם.

Gamification Master Class with Gabe Zichermann

Gamification is the term used to described the game-like experience some product use. Foursquare is a check-in service, but it has an overlay of game experience and that is what makes it so addictive. In this Video Master class, Gabe Zichermann (authors of "Game-Based Marketing") takes the viewers through the stages needed to do the same with their product.

As a game designer the thing I liked best, was seeing how mechanics I use and know for real games, can be used on almost any service or product. the examples Mr. Zichermann use are very vivid and practical. the conversation in the video between Mr. Zichermann and the participants works very nice and whether it's directed or natural it just works.

People who do not come from the gaming world will deal with a large amount of information. I feel that Mr. Zichermann divided the information into suitable chunks but I admit I can't really say if it's not overwhelming. All in all, even if it is too much to swallow, you can always go back and watch a segment again.

Games are more then a way to pass the time, and this Master Class shows it in a very good way. If you are into marketing, or someone who is working on a small startup, creating a new product – you should at least take a look at it. It won't hurt.

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